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Friday, October 13th, 2017

The Swindle

Daniel (Sean McCants) decides to leave home one night after thinking that he's had enough. What seems to be just another night out with friends turns out to be something more dangerous, which will lead him to the discovery of the answer to the age old question of the existence of Hell. His friends think he's lost his mind, but his burned hands might prove otherwise.

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Here's What's New at Rookie Films Christian Motion Picture Company...

Unconditional Love: The Complete 3 Episode Miniseries is now available to own on DVD and VOD!

"This series promotes the idea of Jesus working in the lives of hurting people in a contemporary setting. It clearly teaches that Jesus still cares for those who place their trust in Him...

Jeremy Torgerson does an excellent job in playing Jesus in modern times, meeting the contemporary needs of those who are hurting...

We are pleased to award "Unconditional Love" our "Faith-Friendly" Seal for ages 12-plus. These are stories to which many people can relate."

- The Dove Foundation.

“A Voice from Hell” is a message movie! It will stimulate thinking on sharing Christ with others... 

We are awarding this moving movie our Faith-Friendly Seal for ages 12-plus. It will provoke thinking, and hopefully, conversation, based on this most-important topic: where will we spend eternity?

- The Dove Foundation