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Synopsis:The Richardson family has gone through the ups and downs of life, but instead of holding on to faith in God, Ben has decided to turn his back on Him and seek for what he considers to be the actual truth and facts of things after his mother fell prey to a con-man "preacher" selling physical healing.

Now a retired police detective, he investigates so called miracles and phenomena, outing and bringing to justice any and all perpetrators; but when tragedy strikes again, he finds himself facing yet again what he thinks he knows about God, life, and truth.

- What do you do when Truth calls?

About Us / Sobre nosotros

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Carlos Ecaymuzquiz

(Executive Producer / Director / Writer)

Cristy Ecaymuzquiz

(Producer / Writer / Director / Editor)

Rookie Films is a Christian Motion Picture Company based in The Rio Grande Valley of South Texas.

Rookie Films has been filming for several years but did their first feature film "El diablo me da risa" (The devil doesn't scare me) in the Summer of 2010. The company has used both local talent and resources, but that has been changing as both non-local talent and non-local resources have shown interest in our productions.

Rookie Films was created by father and daughter duo Carlos & Cristy Ecaymuzquiz, in the year 2000. Carlos has been involved with film in various ways throughout his life and Cristy, being inspired by this went on (and occasionally brought her father along with her to several class projects) to The University of Texas Pan American and graduated in the Fall of 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre / Film & TV.

Father & Daughter decided to team up for their first film project in the Summer of 2010. The additional title of "Christian Motion Picture Company" was added to the logo in 2014, to aid in specifying who and what Rookie Films is; and although they have co-directed several films, it wasn't until 2017 that the title of "Father / Daughter production", was used in the director's film credits instead of their individual names to signify their unity as a team and avoid a "vanity fair" in the film credits.

*Did you know:

We are the only Christian Production Company in The Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

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