The Investigators: When Truth Calls

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Synopsis: The Richardson family has gone through the ups and downs of life, but instead of holding on to faith in God, Ben has decided to turn his back on Him and seek for the actual truth and facts of things after his mother fell prey to a con-man "preacher" selling physical healing. Now a retired police detective, he investigates so called miracles and phenomena outing and bringing to "justice" any and all perpetrators; but when tragedy strikes again he find himself facing yet again what he thinks he knows about God, life, and truth.

- What do you do when Truth calls?

Main Cast: Randy Green as Ben Richardson I Murillo Alves as Ernesto I Glenna Schumann as Casey I Lucero Vazquez as Jessica I Ashley Rae McGee as Zoe I Angel Montoya as Frankie I Kyle Bradell as Young Ben Richardson I Miciah Auden as Young Jessica  Natasha Hawke as Young Casey I Jeremy Torgerson as The Voice of Jesus.


Randy Green 

Ashley Rae McGee

Murillo Alves

Jeremy Torgerson

Glenna Schumann

Angel Montoya

Lucero Vazquez

Zip Gatton

Did you know...

The Investigators: When Truth Calls, is a spin off feature film of "Unconditional Love: Episode 2 - The Crossroad"    as the story in part follows the grown up versions of Ernesto (Murillo Alves) and Casey (Glenna Schumann)

Did you know...

* A Last minute recast had to be done after the actress that was set to play the role of Jessica (Ben's wife) dropped out of the project the night before filming began. She was not the only one to drop out of the project, there were four others all whose rolls were also recast.

* This film was done in less that one week's time.

Kyle Bradell 

Juan Jesus Garza

Miciah Auden

Ava Garza

Donna Gafford

Melody Hernandez

Robert Hawke 

Alondra Loya

Natasha Hawke

James Garitty II

Conner Acosta

Moniq Guevara

Jose Flores

Eddie Burraye

Blanca Garza

Daniel Garcia

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