A Voice From Hell / Una Voz del Infierno

Synopsis: Her life was taken without a moment’s notice. Ashely (Alexandra Ortiz), finding herself in torment, in darkness, and solitude takes a chance and makes a run for it. After a daring escape from Hell, she will stop at nothing to get to her friend Melisa (Ela Martinez) with a life changing message; but she’s not alone. The clock is ticking and The Gate Keeper (Lassiter Holmes) is after her to take her back. Her time is about up and there’s nowhere to hide.

Cast: Alexandra Ortiz as Ashley  Lassiter Holmes as The Gate Keeper / Yoel  Ela Martinez as Melisa   Viridiana Garza as Violet  Teri Probst as The Driver  I   Joe Vega as Melisa's Guy  Andres Ramirez as Ashley's Date  Chris Garza as John  Cristy Ecaymuzquiz as Sarah  I   Sandra Ramirez as The Bar Lady Mario Alberto Jimenez as The Bar Tender.

Rating: Rated "Faith-Friendly" approved for ages 12+ by the Dove Foundation.

DVD Specs: Runtime: 25 min. / Language: English / Subtitles: English & Spanish.

Cast Photos / Photos del Elenco

Alexandra Ortiz, as Ashley.

Teri Probst, as The Driver.

Ela Martinez, as Melisa.

Chris Garza, as John.

Lassiter Holmes, as The Gate Keeper & Yoel.

Cristy Ecaymuzquiz, as Sarah.

Viridiana Garza, as Violet.

Interviews / Entrevistas 

Did you know...

Rookie Films, is currently working on a sequel to this film titled: A Voice from Hell 2: Vigilante

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