Unconditional Love: Episode 1 - The Garden

Synopsis: Dr. Olga Carson (Rebecca Moore) is on the verge of darkness, resentment, pain, and hidden anger. When tragedy strikes, Dr. Carson feels completely powerless, and as she exits the hospital in order to vent out her anger and frustration, she comes face to face with a stranger that will cause a change of a lifetime.

Unconditional Love: Episode 2 - The Crossroad

Synopsis: Ernesto (Daniel Garcia) is at a crossroad in life as nothing he does seems to amount to anything. While contemplating suicide, a phone call from his mother sends him on his way to more than he expected, it sets him on the path to more than just enlightenment, it puts him face to face with Truth Himself.

Unconditional Love: Episode 3 - The Runaway

Synopsis: Oscar Salazar (Jason J. Perez) is a man of faith, yet as a youth growing up with a single mother with a not so clean past, and in a difficult neighborhood, led Oscar to end up in prison. Now being a recent ex-con is only one of the challenges he faces in his new life. With a family to provide for and temptation lurking around the corner, Oscar finds himself wondering about the true worth and meaning of being a Christian and running away from everything he knows, or so he thinks.

"The Investigators: When Truth Calls" (The Crossroad's Spin-Off Feature Film)

Synopsis: The Richardson family has gone through the ups and downs of life, but instead of holding on to faith in God, Ben (Kyle Bradell/Randy Green) has decided to turn his back on Him and seek for what he considers to be the actual truth and facts of things after his mother Elena (Donna Gafford) fell prey to a con-man "preacher" selling physical healing. Now a retired police detective, he investigates so called miracles and phenomena, along with his friend June (Angela McGee), and a tag along young TV producer & camera guy Frankie (Angel Montoya) outing and bringing to justice any and all perpetrators despite the recent disagreement with his wife Jessica (Lucero Vazquez) and dangerous circumstances of their most recent case that put her and their daughter Zoe's (Ashley Rae McGee)life in danger. But when tragedy strikes again, he finds himself facing yet again what he thinks he knows about God, life, and truth.
                                            - What do you do when Truth calls?

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