The Swindle / la estafa

Synopsis: Daniel (Sean McCants) decides to leave home one night after thinking that he's had enough of his family's religious talk. Running into his three friends, Darius (Mark Arteaga), Nato (Keagan Lee), and Muri (Dale Delrosario), what seems to be just another night out with friends turns out to be something more dangerous, which will lead him to the discovery of the answer to the age old question of the existence of Hell. 

Cast Photos / Fotos del Elenco

Sean McCants, as Daniel.

Patrick Lescarbeau, as Mike.

Rylee Russell, as Candice.

Mark Arteaga, as Darius.

Rebecca Moore, as Sarah.

Jose Flores, as The Doctor.

Keagan Lee, as "Nato".

Juliana Russell, as Hannah.

Dale Delrosario, as Muri.

Ashley Rae McGee, as Katy.

Interviews / Entrevistas

Behind The Scenes Photos