LA HISTORIA DE UN LADRON  (The Story about a Thief)
Drama, Comedia

Historia: Rafael (Joe Vega), es un hombre puesto entre la espada y la pared. Tratando de complacer a su esposa Martha (Viridiana Garza), el decide robar a Agusto (Mario Alberto Jimenez) un joyero local, pero las cosas no resultaran como planificado, o si?

Synopsis: Rafael (Joe Vega), is a man placed between a rock and a hard place when he losses his job due to his wife Martha's (Viridiana Garza), constant calling him at work. Now faced with even more terrible scenario as his wife threatens to leave him, he will choose to become a thief and steal from Agusto (Mario Alberto Jimenez), a local jeweler... yet things will not turned out as planned, or will they?

This Film Has Not Been Rated
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