Unconditional Love: Episode 2 - The Crossroad

SYNOPSIS: Ernesto is at a crossroad in life as nothing he does seems to amount to anything. While contemplating suicide, a phone call from his mother sends him on his way to more than he expected, it sets him on the path to more than just enlightenment, it puts him face to face with Truth Himself.


Daniel Garcia

Christa Cardenas

Natasha Hawke

Robert Hawke

Joel Gutierrez


Did you know...

"The Crossroad" is referenced to in a conversation between Katy (Ashley Rae McGee) and Daniel (Sean McCants) in "The Swindle", and if you look close enough you'll see an updated movie poster in the movie.

Did you know...

"The Investigators: When Truth Calls" is a spin off feature length film of this episode as Ben (the lead character of the film) is Casey's (Natasha Hawke) older brother. The story not only follows him, but the grown up versions of Casey (Glenna Schumann) and Ernesto (Murillo Alves) as well.


In Loving Memory of Daniel Garcia.

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