!Casting Notice!

Hello and welcome to our Casting Notice page.
Below you will find the list of projects we are currently casting for.

Love vs. Hate (Short Film)

It Happened at Midnight (Short Film)

The Investigators: Redemption Street

The second of three Investigator films.

Ben and an old acquaintance of his (DEA Agent Priscilla Duvall) will have to find a way to survive an old foe they put away in prison, meanwhile Ernesto will come face to face with the man he thought dead a long time ago... his father.

The Investigators: Running out of Time

The third and final of The Investigator films.

All things seem to be going well for Ernesto and his brother in law Ben... BUT when Ernesto gets arrested and accused of murder, finding out the truth of what really happened can prove to be a deadly pursuit for Ben and his family.

The Shepard's Psalm

Vanessa is left to care for her two teen-aged sisters after news of their parents' death leaves them not only orphaned but also without a home. Ruben on the other hand is struggling to find meaning in life in a world filled with pain, deception, and Covid.

Yet they are struggling through loss and facing difficulties, one thing remains true... God.

The Meeting (Limited Web Series)

The Meeting is a limited series that will be released on the web.

It will deal with different topics (such as abortion, divorce, loss of a loved one, the reality of heaven, etc) that are relatable to almost everyone today, but the answer will be made clear to every person in their situation when either planned or not, they have a meeting with a messenger sent by God in the form of the person they least expect.

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