About Us

Carlos Ecaymuzquiz

Executive Producer / Lead Director / and Creative Writer

Musician, Minister for 36 years, and now Filmmaker!

Cristy Ecaymuzquiz

Co-Executive Producer / Co-Director / Writer / Editor

2012 UTPA Graduate, with a Theatre BA.

Rookie Films is a Christian Motion Picture Company based in The Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. We have been filming for several years but we did our first feature film "El diablo me da risa" (The devil makes me laugh) in the Summer of 2010. We have used both local talent and local resources, but that has been changing as both non-local talent and non-local resources have shown interest in our productions.

Rookie Films was created by Carlos & Cristy Ecaymuzquiz (Father & Daughter) in the year 2000. Carlos has been involved with film in various ways throughout his life and Cristy, being inspired by this went on (and occasionally brought her father along with her to several class projects) to The University of Texas Pan American and graduated in the Fall of 2012 with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre / Film & TV. Father & Daughter decided to team up to film their first film project in the Summer of 2010. The additional title of "Christian Motion Picture Company" was added to the logo in 2014, to aid in specifying who and what Rookie Films is.

Entrevista en Inova Live: Regocijaos (08/18/2017)

Entrevista en Inova Live: Poder y Gloria (08/23/2017)

About our Films

El diablo me da risa (The devil doesn't scare me)

Filmed in the Summer of 2010 in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. With only local talent and resources Rookie Films endeavored to make its first film project. El diablo me da risa was premiered world wide on TBN-Enlace in 2013.

A Voice From Hell

The first on the list of Rookie Films' short film projects. A Voice From Hell was filmed during the Fall of 2011, with local talent and resources, and a talented veteran actor such as Lassiter Holmes in the role of The Gate Keeper & Joel - The Angel, this film is geared towards the youth and has been well received in local churches and received the audience award of "Best Actress", "Best Horror", and "Most Surreal" at the W.I.L.D. (Writers In Literacy Discussion) Film Festival held in McAllen, TX in November of 2011 and was released to DVD shortly after.

It has been rated Faith-Friendly, approved for ages 12+ by the Dove Foundation with 3 out of 5 Doves.

La Historia de un Ladron (The Story of a Thief)

The following short film in Rookie Films' list, this film took only 4 days to film. Working again with Pastor Mario Alberto Jimenez, this time in the role of jewelry vendor Agusto Perez, this story touches on the issue of what really matters to the human soul.

Cuando Dios Creo a las Madres (When God created Mothers)

Although this short film was filmed in the early months of 2012, it was made available on DVD in the Summer of 2013 due to the editing process. This story is an adaptation of a poem and is a simple heart warming story of what could have been when God created mothers, and is geared to all loving mothers on their special day (mother's day).


The Unconditional Love Miniseries

Unconditional Love started as a "10 minute break up scene" done for a university cinematography class, and even though the story for the scene was done in the Fall of 2010, the story idea of the series was born from the outcome of that scene and was kept in the mind of the producers since then and has only until now started to become a reality. And that break up scene went on to receive "Best Poetic" audience award at the W.I.L.D. (Writers In Literary Discussion) in May of 2013. Still working with local resources yet this time Rookie Films has had the privilege to work with both local and non local novice and veteran actors.

It has been rated Faith Friendly for ages 12+ by the Dove Foundation with 3 of 5 doves.

- List Upcoming Film Projects -

The Swindle - Coming to VOD & DVD, October 13th, 2017

Rookie Films' most recent short film production, was waiting to start production for 2 years, yet only took 2 day to film. Teaming up again with mother and son actors, Rebecca Moore and Sean McCants for this suspenseful and dramatic story that was written by Executive Producer & Director, Carlos Ecaymuzquiz.

Rebecca Moore, and Sean McCants, both appeared in Unconditional Love's first episode (The Garden) and if you keep an eye out while watching the film, you'll catch a glimpse of a promo poster for "The Crossroad", the second episode of the miniseries.

Release Date To Be Announced

Escapando de las Tinieblas (Escaping Darkness) is Rookie Films' second Feature Film.

This film follows the events from El diablo me da risa (The devil doesn't scare me) focusing on Pastor Felix Buenaventura (Mario Alberto Jimenez) and Javier Mendoza (Carlos Santos).

This film includes the talent of Ela Martinez (A Voice From Hell) in the role of Armandina Torres, a troubled and ruthless crime boss.

More info coming soon...